Monday, 1 March 2010

So perhaps my last post is a little more relevant now ;-)

Well it would appear that my last post actually has a little more relevance than I had forst thought.

With the upcoming changes in Patch 3.3.3 regarding the use and value of Frosen Orbs perhaps we will be seeing a bit more drama relating to them. I cant speak for other servers but on Haomarush they had been selling on the AH for vendor prices and now they are up to over 35g each. Thats quite the increase.

Ok so I had said previously that I wanted to talk a little about raid loot. Different players and for that matter guilds view loot in different ways. In Contingency we use a Loot Council system, and for the most part this works, there are always exceptions though and people who bitch and moan about not getting something but that has to be expected.

I was wondering how the majority view loot? Recently, with the prominence of the GearScore addon players seem to be obsesed with item level. I have always tried to ensure that if I am needing on an item that I actually "need" it and that the stats are geared towards me ... as a disc priest this often proves quite difficult as gear is never really geared towards me. I have a general idea of what my total "ideal" gear will be (something I shall touch on in a future post) and I take upgrades that get me as close as possible to that set up. If something drops which I consider OS ... I tend to only roll greed on it, or say that I want for OS if no one else wants. If there is anyone else that could have any use out of the item who wants it I always pass. My reasoning behind this is OS is OS and my MS gear although perhaps not optimal is still more than sufficient for healing as holy.


A few months ago now I was running ICC 10man with a good guild group (i.e. members who tend to have the same mentality and view towards loot as myself). On the on Lord M the cloth belt dropped which contained Spirit. Lupucu (Mage) and I both said it wasnt ideal for us but either of us would take it. I said I would pass for him but he managed to convince me that it would be more beneficial for me it would for him. After a few /w back and forth we both realised that ideally we would both have prefered to have lost the Spirit on the item and had a throughput stat such as Haste instead. Later that run a belt with Crit and Haste dropped and we both rolled MS. I was lucky enough to win ... I felt bad since I had taken both belts but Lupucu seemed unphased by it all. My guilt was relieved a little the following week when running ICC25man a Crit/Haste 25man belt dropped. I knew Lupucu would need it and although it were an upgrade for me I knew it would be a bigger upgrade for him ... so I passed for him.

As I said I try to only roll for loot which is an actual upgrade for me and which I see myself using for some time. Is this the minority view? I have been in a few "discussions" ... ah who the hell am I kidding they were arguements with people recently regarding this issue. I have seen an abundance of people rolling on everything often items which arent actually all that good for them, or which arent "ideal" but which have a higher ilvl than others.

I got into an arguement with a priest recently who was using 2x mana regen trinkets (a straight MP5 one and a big +int one - which given his other items was not needed) I tried to reason with him that this amount of mana regen was unnecessary and that a nice SP trinket with some proc or use effect would be more beneficial to him. The response I got was quite shocking. The Priest tried to argue that the only useful trinkets for any priest is Solace HC (TotGC25man) and possibly Purified Lunar Dust (Frost Badges)and that all the rest are "useless pieces of crap". I tried to argue that these trinkets are more or less BiS and that other lower ilvl items although not as powerful would still be useful. This priest together will many other players I have come across seem to focus on ilvl, far too much.

Ok for this post I would like readers to consider and comment on Trauma. This is a healing mace from ICC25man. I would appreicate it if ... the few who read this blog, or who come across it would take a look at the item. Consider who the item is geared towards, consider the usefullness to them, and other healers, and then using their own guild loot systems (i.e. DKP, EPGP, Loot Council, Rolling etc. etc. say what they would do if the item dropped, and where possible provide some reasoning).

Wow who would have thought a I would be giving out Homework on my Blog lol.

Unitl next time.

Panzee :)

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