Friday, 12 February 2010

Need, Greed, Disenchant or Pass?

This is a topic that I think many people overlook or rather, think they know the way things are, and assume that its always that way.This is an issue which in recent times I believe has come to the forefront with the introduction of the new LFG cross realm grouping system.

Looking for Greedy Bastards?

Using the default system Blizzard has built into the game anything above a [grey item] is rolled for. On my realm the standard practice is need if you need, greed or disenchant if you don't need it, or pass if you cant be arsed / don't want the crap in your bags. This is a pretty straight forward system IMO and other than the odd Ninja or Noob that you get in the group and ends up rolling on gear he doesn't need / cant use the majority of people adhere to this practice.

The problems I have come across tends to relate to less straight forward situations. What is the standard practice with Frost Orbs? Granted these days they are a dime a dozen, and on several occasions I have managed to buy them off the AH for less than their vendor value. The question remains .... Do you need or greed? I have come across instances where people have said that everyone should "Greed" since no one really "Needs" them, I have seen others argue that only people that can use them i.e. people with crafting professions should "Need". On my realm at least everyone needs regardless.

Ok ok I know, i know .... Frost Orbs? Who gives a shit about Frost Orbs?

Ok lets take things to the next level. When using the new LFG system what do people consider standard practice for off spec gear? and does this vary depending on the role the person is fulfilling?


Deathknight A signs up to the LFG as Tank / DPS, along with a pure DPS DK, Pala, Shaman, and me the ever lovely Healer Priest.

The Deathknight has, in many people opinion decided "I can tank, there is a shortage of tanks so I will sign as a tank." Does this mean that the DK, who is primarily DPS but has opted to help the entire community out by taking a Tank off spec (thank you mythical DK who doesn't actually exist), ... does this mean he has to "Need" on Tank gear if needed and only "Greed" on off spec or "Need" if the other DPS agree / don't need? Or can this DK opt to simply Need on DPS gear?

I have no doubt that people have come across similar situations in raids, where say a Pala joins and lets people know that his MS is Tank but he is willing to heal if needed so long as he can still "Need" on his MS gear. It never fails that this situation will cause drama because there is always 2 or 3 people in said raid who are AFK, or not paying attention when this is stated.

So do other people deal with these situations? Do you think its acceptable to "Need" on either of your specs you have chosen to sign up as? Or are players confined to their role?

I believe that if someone has decided to fulfill a role which others are not, then they are perfectly entitled to have their MS treated as their MS and their OS as their OS. In the example above the Pala would IMO only be allowed to "Need" on tank gear if he had chosen "Tank" as a role in the LFG. The problem which I have seen people come across in situations like this is they get called a Ninja, or they simply get kicked from the group. Is this simply a response from immature nooblets that simply don't understand how the system works? or are they justified?

Id appreciate it if some people would provide me with some feed back to the above issue. Do you agree with all or any of my points? Am I completely crackers?

I had intended touching on Raid Loot but I think this post is probably long enough without delving into that so I shall save that one for my next post.

Panzee :)

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