Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lich King is DEAD!!!

Woop Woop thats right people the Lich King is no more. Wednesday night came and we had planned to reset ICC25man head in grind out the 11 bosses and spend a night and a half on LK progress again but our GM for some reason unbeknown to anyone decided:

"FUCK IT! We are going LK tonight and thats all there is to it if we are awful we will reset in an hour or 2 clear a few bosses and finish it off tomorrow"

In we went ... we went through tactics and down he went. On our 3rd or 4th try of the night aswell, and a convincing kill with only 5 people dead at the end including a healer who stood out of position and got dropped off the edge by the Valks in PH2. Needless to say I am very happy about our kill. It had been a bit of a barrier for us recently and with so many people leaving the guild, and many of those who stayed bitching about our trials we did it! It has renewed the faith in our raiding team and most cannot wait to get stuck into the HM's.

Haha the only problem with us killing LK is that we didnt have anything to raid for the rest of the week. Seems like a stupid complaint ... once again Woop! Woop!

Any Suggestions

Ok I have a bit of a dilema and I decided to look to the interwebs and whoever might come across my blog for a little advice. Well here goes...

Well im an Officer in my guild and generally im in charge of the healers. It used to be Skittle but one night he said he was tired asked me to do it and ever since then I seem to have been stuck with the job (who am I kidding I like it lol). Anyway at present we have a Resto druid in our raiding team who used to be in out other guilds raiding team, after some internal discussions she decided she would like to come and riad with us. The problem is her healing is less than optimal and she seems to be using spells in situations which I wouldnt recommend. Up until recently i had just taken her along for a few encounters kept and eye on her etc etc and her healing is nowhere near the lvl it should be for a player with her gear.

Ok this might seem like a problem and it is. One of the other Officers asked me if I could have a chat with her and try and guide her a bit. Normally I would be all for this, hell I have a resto druid of my own and after reading through a few blogs and guides today I will deffo be making a few tweaks to my own druid. The problem I see is that its easy to tell a DPS that they are screwing up their rotations and tell them what they should be doing and when, but with healers its all situational. I can pour over log data and tell someone I think you are casting X too much, or why the hell are you casting Y at all? But trying to explain the niches to someone is hard. Not only that but I dont wanna sound like a giant cock by over simplifying things. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should approach this? Or has anyone been in a similar situation? - Long shot I know but im getting desperate - With HMs starting we cant really afford to be carrying players and as I see it I really only have a few options:

(a) Have a chat with her and see how she thinks she is performing? And go by how she thinks she is doing to decide on future course of action.
(b) Let my own healing slack alot for some encounters watch her like a hawk and call or note her mistakes as and when they happen and then talk over the mistakes after the raid (this is the chess player in me coming out - I used to spend a few hours playing a game of chess then a few hours after the game going over the game and the various things I did wrong or missed to try and improve - problem is this isn't a method for everyone)
(c) Point her in the direction of a few druid guides and hope she takes the time and effort to read over them, and take away the advice and pointers from the guides.

Any ideas? Seriously, any at all?


Oh and just as a side note my second priest hit lvl60 yesterday so hopefully ill be able to hit lvl80 in a few weeks and start gearing him for my alt runs, the number of priests out there who really dont have the foggiest idea about their class is rather astonishing. Hell the number of healers out there who dont have a clue is just as bad.

Im a disc priest at heart but on occasions I enjoy putting on my Holy Hat and giving the raid healers a run for their money. I went along to a VoA 25man yesterday on the off chance that the ilvl264 Priest Gloves would drop (they didnt :( ) anyway I was one of the first healers in and the RL was asking everyone for GS and Achivements so the characters in the raid should have been able to pump out a decent amount of healing (notice i said "characters" not players and "should"). Anyway as the raid filled up I said to a few guildies on vent that I had better go Holy for this since the set up was 2 x Holy Palas, 2 x Resto Shammies, a Resto Druid and myself. I had a funny feeling and boy was I right. I was running about like a mad man - normally when I go Holy it takes a few attempts / fights for my mind to switch to Holy mode and perform at my highest level and I dare say I whould have done better in the healing if I had been holy for a bit longer but at the end of the encounter I had 30% of Healing Done - 30% people!!!! thats shocking - my guildies had a good laugh about it on vent but I was gob smacked really made me think about the poor healers who run about in game, and made me appreciate the fact that I have the honour of raiding with and generally bossing about healers who actually understand what the healing game is all about... and people still ask me why im rolling another Priest ... isnt it obvious? So I dont have to raid with healers who dont know what they are doing and I have another all round healer who can pull their asses through fights.