Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Gearing of Alts

Well quick update Contingency's 5 day team finally got Prof P. down last night so now only LK awaits. Well im not saying that clearing Prof P. and Sindragossa each week will be easy but hopefully they wont have too much of an issue and they can progress on LK for a bit and drop him.

Ok so the 3day team is also doing well. We have managed to blaze through the HMs so far with relative ease. We still have to master Lady Deathwhisper but hopefully she will go down either this week or next week. The fight isnt that difficult but it requires awareness and as my fellow raiders will no doubt be aware too many people suffer from tunnel vision. This last week we progressed a few tries on Lady DW but fearing we wouldnt be able to clear the rest within our 3 days we moved on. Needless to say we were wrong we blazed through everything else including managing our thursday night where I was MT healing on my Disc Priest due to the lack of Holy Paladins availible for the raid.

We finally managed to get Blood Queen down very easily and also managed to have a few tries on Prof HC. I have to say this is now my fav fight. In Naxx I never had a fav boss, in Ulduar it was Mimiron HM hands down and for the majority of this expansion it has been my favourite. It required skill, awareness, and a solid understanding of mechanics to conquer. Once we went through ICC I liked Prof P but wasnt overly impressed then LK came and while the majority of the guild hated it because they couldnt face roll over it like they had so many encounters before, I LOVED IT!!! Now I LOVE Prof P. HC - the guild is having difficulties co-ordinating different mechanics but we will get it ;) I really cant wait to hit LK HC from what I have seen and heard it will also be very challenging.


Bring on the ALTS

With so many people storming through ICC and with only a handful of guilds on my server actually interested in ICC HC this is opening up the opportunities for us to gear up our alts. Tanglewood - my resto druid is now 3/5 - Sanc T10 and almost full 265 in all other places. Hell my druid is just as well geared as my Priest now ... well my main Priest ;)

Panzeemktwo finally hit 80 on Saturday afternoon and since then I have been running him through HCs to gear him and got him all the crafted gear I could muster in order to hit the ground running. Needless to say he is coming along quite nicely, before long I will be in ICC with him gearing him up in the same fashion as my druid and priest.


Ok there seems to have been quite a bit of drama and discussion about this recently. AVR and AVRE are interesting tools and while I agree they shouldnt really be part of the game they do provide a helpful tool. Before we started using AVR we simply talked through the tactics and showed people where to stand when. AVR simply makes the situation a little easier because you have pretty pictures and shapes to make things easier for the simple raiders ;).

I view AVR as a whiteboard. Its just like in sports when the team get together before the big game or half time they draw on the board to show people where they are supposed to be and when etc etc. I view AVR in a similar light, unfortunately as with most programs availible which allow people to express themself creatively tend to result in - spam, penis pictures and totally inappropriate images, so I applaud Blizzard for taking this step and making it so my screen doesnt look like a kids colouring book during raids.

The most people who seem to be speaking out against the removal of this tool seem to be focusing on Blizzard's reasoning rather than using their own minds. As my fellow Offcier Mick would say "Addons? That's cheating". I have to agree though Blizzard's arguement wasn't all that good, had they reasoned their decision a little better they would have avoided alot of QQing.


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