Thursday, 22 April 2010


So Mondays raid didnt exactly go according to plan. We logged on made the raid and we had about 10 trials, and were still only 22/25 for the evening with a further 2 of the 22 having connection issues.

Needless to say not the set up I was hoping for. As we made the group people were saying oh this is crap we dont have enough players etc etc but I swiftly told them to cram it and get ready to go. I told everyone this would be a learning raid for our trials the aim was to go to Blood Queen have 2 - 3 attempts so the new people could see the encounter and also so officers could focus on core players who were repeat failers. We went in and on the whole the attempts were gd the trials did a decent job and knew what to do.

Once again those nay sayers pipped up with there this is crap we cant kill her like this. To which I told them to SHUT THE FUCK UP! reminded them of my intention behind this raid and told them to head to Sindragosa for a further 2 wipes there.

Needless to say there were a few older members who simply were not happy. TBH I couldn't careless I had 3 whispers from trials after that raid thanking me for my idea and letting them actually experience the encounters where there was no real preasure rather than throwing them into an actual raid and expecting them to know our tactics and the encounters asthough they had been raiding with us from day 1.

Anywho, everyone was shut up last night. After speaking with a few guildies and Idcb my old GM from New Order (and i mean Old lol) they advised me that the current raid leaders werent vocal enough on vent and there were too many people talking at once. So last night I went in and spammed VENT as much as possible. This was the first raid ever I think where we had 25/25 players in raid and 8 players on standby. We took as many trials as we could while still trying to be effective went in and stormed the place. 1st 4 bosses down (incluging gunship HC - granted not a difficult fight and any way shape or form but still good). I even got people to use the tactics I will be using in HC versions of the encounters so the transition will nto be as bad. I then called a quick 5 min break we went 1 shotted Rotface and Festergut. We then headed to Prof P - first try was shocking as one of our rogues didnt listen to my express instructions and started DPSing the brown ooze before it had choosen a target and it chose him and wiped us :( we had a further wipe where people werrent avoiding the mallable goo's properly but that got more or less fixed and down he went.

The previous week we had went and killed dream walker but this week I had decided to do the bosses in order of release. Few officers wanted to do Dreamwalker 1st but the GM stuck by me and told them it was my raid and we would be going where I said. Going into the blood wing we picked up the weekly raid Q we had 30mins to clear the wing ... BAN|G Princes dead on to Queen ..... quick run through of tactics as we were takign down trash followed by the instructions to bite one of our palas 1st so he could do his quest and off we went. Ok this is where I kind of fucked up. We were all doing very well no deaths then our mage died ... to focused on the healing at hand I didnt call for the combat res for over a minute up he got rebuffed him and BOOM! 3% wipe :( it was my fault for dropping the abll on it I had called for more or less silence on vent and i had missed the CR ... it was no biggy though everyone was impressed by the trials and by our progress so we will go in tonight hopefully clear the rest and see where we stand from there ;)

WOOP! WOOP! Raid Team 1 is alive and kicking once again.

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